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Menstrual cups are the new menstrual trend, many women have made the switch already and would never go back. Don’t be afraid of change, making the transition from tampons to cups is simple and is a positive choice for your body and your life. We show you how to get started with a menstrual cup.

image1. Before you start, you will want to gently wash your menstrual cup with warm water. You can also use an unscented soap to ensure that all dust and lint is removed. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Hold your MCup and ensure that the stem is pointing down. You can then fold your cup so that it is coming in on itself.

2. Your menstrual cup folds, allowing for easy and comfortable insertion. You will then want to squeeze your cup so that it is flat. Once flat, fold it in half and make a “U Shape” with the rim. image

3. For the next step, you will want to either sit on the toilet or squat comfortably. With your free hand, gently separate your labia. While ensuring your cup is still folded, insert your Cup with your dominant hand and aim it so that it is angled towards the tailbone. When inserting menstrual cups, correct angling will ensure comfort and proper function. Once the stem becomes even with the opening of the vagina, stop insertion. Menstruation cups should sit slightly lower than a tampon, but they should still extend beyond the pelvis bone.image

4. To open your cup, simply rotate it. You can do this by firmly gripping the base and gently twisting. Some people find that the stems on their period cups for women are too long. To ensure maximum comfort, feel free to trim this portion. Simply use caution to ensure you do not damage the cup itself.

Although it may take a little bit of learning curve, a menstruation cup will be a very comfortable and healthier alternative to tampons. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Cleaning and Storing

During menstruation wash your Menstrual Cup with water each time you empty, before reinsertion. While on your period, there is no need to sterilize your cup between uses. After emptying, wash your cup with warm water. Avoid fragranced soaps that may alter the pH of your vagina.

If this isn’t possible, or you are in a public bathroom then just rinse with bottled water, or wipe clean with tissue. Make sure to wash your cup with water at least once a day. At the end of your period, your cup must be sterilized before storing each month. Rinse your cup, and immerse in a pan of water. Boil for 5 minutes. After disinfecting, dry and store your cup, ready for next month.